What Are We Known For??

Palmetto Stay Care, LLC is known for having the best services in the low country at affordable prices.

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Why Us?

Finding a skilled and compassionate caregiver for your loved ones can be a daunting task. Letting go of the caretaker's role and trusting family, friends, or even a stranger can be almost impossible. However, there is always Palmetto Stay Care, LLC! Nothing beats knowing that you have found the answers to your questions!

Our committed resources, home-care/maintenance skills offers a more concise idea of what you're looking in a home-care agency and care provider system. Our agency also offers unmatched homeopathic cleaning services.

PSC, LLC, will carefully assess your situation to ensure our services coincides with your needs. Our informative tracts and unwavering guidance will prove that your decisions to move forward with us was the best. We know that your expectations are high and the level of assistance you require right on target with what we prepared to offer.

A carer helping an elderly couple with their puzzles